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DLT Magazines App

The DLT Magazines app, new from DLT Media, delivers in sync reading material such as magazines and corporate literature to multiple tablets within a professional environment. With the DLT Magazines app businesses can activate content on multiple devices (using IOS and Android) in a single location under one subscription and save up to 90% OFF magazine cover prices. In order to benefit from these discounts customers must also subsribe to a DLT Magazines print subscription service as well.

You can create and brand your own newsstand, control content in different locations from a single point, incorporate your own content alongside magazines and newspapers, bring in advertising within your newsstand and ensure updates are pushed out automatically without the need to manage each device separately.

You can download the DLT Magazines App here:

Brand and design a newsstand to match your own corporate identity
You can change the background colour of the newstand to anything you want, and insert your own company logo to ensure the newstand represents your own btand identity.

Control and manage content on multiple devices from a single point
Rather than manage each tablet individually, through our website you can control content on hundreds of tablets in multiple locations from a single point.
Use your newstand as an opportunity to generate ad revenue
With opportunities for businesses to include either promotional banners or advertising within the newstand, the DLT Magazines App is the perfect way to earn additional revenue.
  • Full page banners
  • Half page banners
  • Strip banners
Activate multiple devices under a single subscription
With the DLT Magazines App you can activate multiple tablets with the identical content from a single subscription.

No need to manage content on each tablet, simply enter the bind codes provided with your subscription and all the content will be replicated on each device.
Magazines updates are pushed automatically to the tablet
Don't worry about having to upload new editions of each title onto your tablets one by one when they are published.

With the DLT Magazines App all new editions are pushed automatically on to each device saving you time and hassle.
Save 90% OFF the cover price of digital magazines
As well as all these great features above by purchasing your digital editions through DLT Magazines you will be saving up to 50% OFF cover prices!

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